“What You’re Doing”/”What Am I Going To Do”/”Walkabout”

Note the evolution of this song through three metamorphoses, each transformation adding a further layer of meaning to the opening riff. I must stress that I do not consider that any of these artists have in any way “ripped off” the preceding artist. Rather, I consider art and music to be an open and on-going discussion with each successive contribution a meaningful addition to the original composition.

The Beatles, “What You’re Doing” (from Beatles for Sale, 1964)

The Dovers, “What Am I Going to Do?” (1965)

Atlas Sound “Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox)” (from Logos, 2009)

PS. Speaking of the Beatles and sampling, has anyone heard the Wu-Tang Clan x Beatles mash-up, Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers? It’s no longer ‘available’ for free download due to copyright infringement, but many of the tracks can still be streamed on YouTube. Check out Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Got Your Money” appropriately mixed with “You Never Give Me Your Money” from Abbey Road below.

Wu Tang vs The Beatles, “Got the Money” (from Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers, 2010)


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