Pistol George Warren

Pistol George Warren, if you ever chance to catch them live, rock like a sixties garage-rock combo, with the ability to fill small spaces, such as a friend’s apartment, with wonderous noise, bodies and sweat. On record, they come across more subdued, but no less talented. The solid line linking the twin halves of their identity is undoubtably the Rolling Stones. Live, they sound like a more unhinged version of the Stones’ 1964 self-titled debut album, and lead vocalist Matty Ralph seems well-studied in Mick Jagger’s reptilian swagger. Their debut album, Back to Northern Country, however, charts territory closer to the Stones’ explorations of country-western music on albums such as Let it Bleed. Nonetheless, songs like “Cockroach Salad” offer a studio glimpse of their live fervour.

Pistol George Warren have just finished recording their second album, but an abridged version of their first, Back to Northern Country, is available for streaming and free download here. Enjoy!


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Filed under Alt/Indie, Country, Music, Rock

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