The Crumb Brothers, “Seat in the Kingdom”

One of the favourite tracks I “discovered” last year, the Crumb Brothers’ “Seat in the Kingdom” exudes perfection. The vocals are delivered by the band’s 10-year-old singer, “Sugar,” are absolutely unbelievable. I love the way the guitar comes in at the end of Sugar’s sermonizing: stuttering and seemingly off time until the rest of the band storms in and the riff fits in perfectly. The band calls forth a sound halfway between a mythological, swampy juke joint, and the idealized image of a rocking, gospel congregation. Above it all, Sugar’s vocals attain ragged perfection. At a mere two minutes and thirty seconds, “Seat in the Kingdom” deserves to be put on repeat.

The Crumb Brothers, “Seat in the Kingdom”

This song is available on Mississippi Record’s excellent compilation, Life is a Problem.



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2 responses to “The Crumb Brothers, “Seat in the Kingdom”

  1. Honey

    This is a record by the Hightower Brother, issued on Nashboro Records in 1963. Sugar Hightower sings lead. The compilers of the LP probably disguised the name to avoid being busted for bootlegging.

    • zk.

      Amazing! I have heard similar allegations lodged against Mississippi Records in the past, so this doesn’t totally surprise me. That said, I am delightfully surprised to learn there’s more music by this group available to explore! Thanks for the tip off!

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