African Head Charge, Off the Beaten Track (1986)

A couple weeks back, while stumbling through Holy Warbles, I came across a track that was definitely the wierdest and most interesting thing I’d heard in a long time. Holy Warbles offered a free download of African Head Charge’s 1986 album Off the Beaten Track, along with a stream of the album’s titular opening track. The track in question is an incredible odyssey through dub, electronica, found sound and field recordings and immediately made me interested in the rest of the band’s output. The track, recorded by the African collective during the mid-1980s, seemed more in tune with the hipster-electronica currently being praised by media outlets such as Pitchfork, than anything else from that time. Admittedly, some of the tracks on the rest of the album seem a little dated, “Some Bizarre” has an especially Miami Vice feel to it, but for the most part the album lives up to its opener. Listen to “Off the Beaten Track” below, and snag the whole album over at Holy Warbles.

African Head Charge, “Off the Beaten Track” (1986)


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