Lifter Puller, “Nassau Coliseum”

Typically, I tend only to post the audio tracks to YouTube videos, except in circumstances where the YouTube clip is a video of a band performing live. In this case, I’ll be subverting these expectations. The following is a fan-made music video for Lifter Puller’s “Nassau Coliseum.” Lifter Puller was the band that Tad Kubler and Craig Finn formed before they started the Hold Steady, and this is definitely my favourite track from that project. This video is not only odd, but oddly appropriate and oddly poigniant. The spasming short clips emphasize the druggy haze of the music, while reflecting Finn’s expansively, short-attention-spanned, pop-culture-referencing lyrics. The clips themselves provide tongue in cheek commentary on the lyrics perfectly suited to Finn’s wry sense of humour.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lifter Puller, “Nassau Coliseum”


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