Charles Mingus, “Hog Callin’ Blues”

Around these parts, it’s starting to look more and more like winter each day as the snow line slowly creeps its way down the mountains, and to me at least, winter means jazz. I have very strong associations between music and seasons that prevent me from listening to certains bands or genres “out of season.” Winter is jazz season.

This morning as I read my book I was grooving to Charles Mingus’ 1962 album Oh Yeah. The album features Mingus on vocals and piano, with Roland Kirk on horns. Mingus’ vocals add a bluesy grounding to the tracks, similar to his classic 1959 album Blues & Roots. These touches of the blues connect Oh Yeah to the more blues-oriented listening I’ve been partaking of this year, and as such provide a perfect “first contact” with jazz for this winter season.

Hopefully you dig the first track off the album, “Hog Callin’ Blues,” as much as I did this morning.

Charles Mingus, “Hog Callin’ Blues” (1962)

PS Tom Waits’ new album, Bad as Me, hits iTunes on Monday.



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3 responses to “Charles Mingus, “Hog Callin’ Blues”

  1. Robert Boland

    Yes, “Hog Callin’ Blues” is my latest “wake up and start my day” song. It reflects the careening chaos, insanity and energy I am about to face in the daily rat-race.

  2. matt

    jazz is all season music, man – tell me you listen to dixieland when there’s 2 feet of snow (unless you want to go dancing in it) or avoid swing in the summer time. of course, mingus, with any of those drawn out free jazz numbers is perfect for a drive in the evening snow.

    • zk.

      Ahh, see I’ve only just begun to get into Dixieland Jazz, but I can see how it would work best in the summer. I suppose I should have clarified: Bebop, and related styles/performers/composers, is winter music.

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