Nas, “Nasty” (2011)

A few months back, a new single from Nas’s upcoming album Life is Good hit the internet. I was excited about the track because it showcased Nas returning to what he does best: no bullshit, East Coast hardcore. Nas is on the attack on this chorus-less track set to a spartan beat, and this is the Nas I love. While lacking the finesse of the perfect Illmatic (1994), the track matches the bombast of Nas’s highlights from the last ten years.

Earlier this week, Nas debuted the video for this track. The video certainly falls short of perfection, playing to typical rap tropes (cars, jewellery, money, cigars, women, “giving back to the ghetto”), but at least Nas seems to be really enjoying himself in the “studio” clips. Albeit, I do worry: I’m 99% sure I bought those headphones for myself last Christmas for forty bucks from Futureshop. At least, the kids in the “giving back to the ghetto” segment seem pretty happy to be there.

Anyways, without further ado:

Nas, “Nasty” (2011)


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