Bokete7’s Botswana Music

The internet is a wonderful thing. The sheer wealth of music the internet makes available and accessible, often for free, is astounding; all one needs to do is reach out and grab some. Today, for example, while browsing Black Ace videos on YouTube for tomorrow’s post, I found myself flicking through a series of uploads that have been posted by a user under the name Bokete7. Bokete7 seems to be on a personal mission to collect and catologue the musical output of the African nation of Botswana, and I couldn’t be happier for her/him. The videos, which range from Afropop guitar to traditional instruments, speak for themselves. I’ve posted a few selections below, but this really only scratches the surface. Check these out, and then start digging deeper.

Western, “Muhurutsi”

Ronnie, “Itshoke Tsvangirai”



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One response to “Bokete7’s Botswana Music

  1. great songs, love especially the Mbira!!

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