Clyde Maxwell, “Corrina”/”Wood-Chopping Holler”

I’ve been on a big Belton Sutherland fix lately, and seeing as I’ve already posted his complete recorded works, I reckoned I’d post a track by a different artist from the same recording session. Clyde Maxwell is, in fact, the owner of the porch on which the Belton Sutherland tracks where recorded, and he is a fine bluesman in his own right. Below, check out a video of Clyde Maxwell playing the blues-folk standard “Corrina” from the same night, and on the same guitar, as the legendary Belton Sutherland videos. Below that, be sure to check out Clyde Maxwell performing a wood-chopping holler. All videos recorded by Alan Lomax from the field trip that birthed the Land Where the Blues Began film. Enjoy!

Clyde Maxwell, “Corrina” (1978)

Clyde Maxwell, “Wood-Chopping Holler” (1978)



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2 responses to “Clyde Maxwell, “Corrina”/”Wood-Chopping Holler”

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  2. christina

    I love this recording, i found the alan lomax archives on youtube, this song is my favorite. theres just something real natural and beautiful. i searched ‘clyde maxwell’ and your blog came up.. theres really not a bunch of info on him.. which is sad but makes it more special

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