The Troggs, “I Can’t Control Myself”

The 1994 Fontana/Chronicles release of The Best of the Troggs has been on repeat all week. Most famous for their hit “Wild Thing,” the Troggs perfected the most primitive type of garage-blues stomp possible, each track bludgeoned into submission with an unrelenting 4/4 beat. It was actually quite hard for me to pick a single song from this collection to highlight, but I’ve finally settled on “I Can’t Control Myself,” as it perfectly combines the two sides of the Troggs: the caveman rock of “Wild Thing” with the romanticism of their other main hit “With A Girl Like You.” If you think the beat to this song is blunt and aggressive, check out my other favourite, “I Want You.” Anyways, dig the goofy video for “I Can’t Control Myself” below, and get your hands on a copy of their “Best of.”

The Troggs, “I Can’t Control Myself” (1966)


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