Son House, The Real Delta Blues (1974)

Sometime in the last few months, I stumbled across Record Fiend, and was immediately impressed with the volume of rare vinyl rips they’ve made available to the public and by the excellent introductory material that accompanies each rip. Any time I find myself stuck for new music to enjoy, I spend a couple of hours digging through the archives at Record Fiend and always emerge with some great find. On my most recent exploration, I stumbled across an excellent Son House rarity, The Real Delta Blues – 14 Songs from the Man Who Taught Robert Johnson. The tracks from The Real Delta Blues were privately recorded by Nick Perls in Rochester, NY in the early 1960s, and released on Perls’ Blue Goose in 1974. The album includes several songs that don’t appear on other collections, at least under these titles, including some instrumental numbers. I was excited by the inclusion of two Charley Patton-related tunes, “Pony Blues” and “I Shall Not Be Moved,” as well as “Mississippi County Farm Blues,” patterned after this blog’s eponymous song, Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “See That My Grave is Kept Clean.” The recordings showcase House’s powerful vocals and often aggressive slide guitar work in an intimate setting from early in House’s “rediscovery” period. A vinyl rip of the album is available at Record Fiend, here.


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