Lucero, Women & Work (2012)

Earlier this week, Tennessee country-rockers Lucero dropped their first album since 2009’s 1372 Overton and Park. The new album, entitled Women & Work, more predominantly features keyboardist Rick Steff as well as a horn section, giving the album a tone that alternates between Jukebox Country (“On My Way Downtown,” “When I Was Young”) and Bruce Springsteen (“Like Lightning”). Ben Nichols’ trademark gravel-tone anchors each track, while Brian Venable’s guitar maintains the blend of Southern twang and punk grit that Lucero is known for. As someone who spent much of their teenage years listening to Lucero, it’s hard for me to objectively weigh their continuing work. This album seems to both fit the Lucero mold and carry it a step further, allowing the band to expand their sound without alienating their fanbase. Needless to say, it seems like an album of solid tracks that any fan Lucero ought to appreciate. Check out the album preview below, and listen to the first single “Sometimes” here.

Lucero, “Women & Work – Album Preview”

Lucero, “Sometimes” (from Women & Work, 2012)


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