Nick Waterhouse, “Some Place”/”Is That Clear”

Pressured by constant coverage over on Aquarium Drunkard (see, most recently, here), I’ve decided to trust the experts, and give some attention to Nick Waterhouse. As often seems to be the case these days, there’s very few actual Waterhouse recordings available, despite of the amount of buzz around him. That said, the songs that exist are consistently excellent. Waterhouse is a part of the whole neo-retro movement trying to capture the sound of the early 1960s, and Waterhouse’s contribution to this trend comes in the form of rockers heavily punctuated by skronking saxophone, capturing the moment when the Jump Blues of the 1950s were adopted by white kids from the suburbs and turned into the American Graffiti Rock & Roll that blended blues, jazz, soul and pop. The recent enthusiasm for this style of early rock is a welcome piece of historical revisionism, updating the musical nostalgia for this era to include the full breadth of early Rock & Roll, rather than just the traditionally remembered rockabilly of Sun Records and Elvis.

Nick Waterhouse’s debut LP Time’s All Gone drops May 1st on Innovative Leisure. Check out the first two singles, “Some Place” and “Is That Clear,” below.

Nick Waterhouse, “Some Place”

Nick Waterhouse, “Is That Clear”


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