Tittyshakers’ Jukejoint

Tittyshakers is website dedicated to the sounds of sleaze, or more politely “lo-down and dirty rock n’ roll or equally gritty Jazz.” The website is filled with provactive period images and retro-stylings that really match the overall mood of the music they discuss. Now keep in mind, of course, that this website has no relationship to the types of music that might accompany a contemporary erotic dance, but rather to the skronking, saxophone-filled, bluesy-jazz, rock & roll tracks that might have featured in some dingy, dead-end strip club circa 1959; a genre that bears a certain relevance to Nick Waterhouse’s recently discussed aesthetic.

Of most interest on Tittyshakers is the three Jukejoint pages that each feature about an album’s worth of tracks that fit that delectable description: tittyshakers. If you’re still having trouble grasping the concept, I suggest you give a listen to The Untouchables’ sleazy classic “Crawlin’ (The Crawl)” below, which serves as the perfect archetype of the genre. While each Jukejoint presents each of the song with a description and stream, the individual tracks themselves are scattered across many sundry compilations, which poses a problem for anyone wishing to recreate these Jukejoints in their own musical library. When I first read about Tittyshakers on Aquarium Drunkard, I gathered all the tracks from the first of the three Jukejoints, Crawlin’, and put them together as a compilation, Tittyshakers Jukejoint, Vol. I. Lucky for you, I’m uploading the compilation to save the leg work for anyone who’s interested.

Give a listen to the first track, the aforementioned Untouchables number, below and grab the complete first Jukejoint here.

The Untouchables, “Crawlin’ (The Crawl)”



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3 responses to “Tittyshakers’ Jukejoint

  1. hellomeem

    Would love to have a listen to these tracks, but it seems the link is dead. Any chance of an alternate link? Thanks!

  2. bronny6000bruno

    I would love to download the compilation but the link i is dead indeed. Does anybody know where to find the compilation?

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