Roadside Graves, “Liv Tyler”

I’ve been a big fan of Roadside Graves since I discovered them via Aquarium Drunkard a few years back. My choice album was typically My Son’s Home (2009) for the more organic and acoustic instrumentation, as well as the epic track “Ruby,” and I had appreciated the blend of Arcade Fire and Drive-By Truckers that their first album, No One Will Know Where You’ve Been (2007), showcased; however, my appreciation for their more recent work, the 2010 EP You Won’t Be Happy With Me and last year’s full-length We Can Take Care of Ourselves, had been tempered by my opinion that they lacked the alt-country tones that had initially attracted me to Roadside Graves. Feeling experimental on a drizzly day, I put on You Won’t Be Happy With Me it finally clicked. I’ve been an addict for the seven-minute long “Liv Tyler” ever since. The epic structure of the song is based around several distinct movements that each build the driving rhythm and lyrics to end in a glorious cathartic binge of howling electric guitar, thundering drums and insistent piano. I love when I realize how wrong I am about songs this good. Enjoy!

The Roadside Graves, “Liv Tyler” (from You Won’t Be Happy With Me, 2010)


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Filed under Alt/Indie, Music, Rock

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