Unknown Artist, “Kuda Lumping”

Earlier this summer, Ghost Capital put out a killer mixtape via Aquarium Drunkard, which featured this absolutely beautiful gem from an earlier compilation of field recordings from Indonesia, Street Music of Java. Street Music was released in 1990 on Original Recordings, and unfortunately all the artists have been left anonymous, but the tracks are all quite excellent. The greatest track by far though, is the first of two titled “Kuda Lumping,” Javanese for a traditional dance depicting horsemen. The songs rattles away at an effervescent pace which, with a short run time, makes the bubblegum melodies that much sweeter for their fleetingness. The buzzing budget guitar, spattering tabla and clattering tamourine are all killer, but the vocals are the real knock-out. Total gem. Love it.

Unknown Artist (Java), “Kuda Lumping”


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  1. masterkumon

    Thank for posting this review. It was not about horsemen, here’s the lyrics. I wish I can hear all the track,
    I only found 4 of them, Ing-Ing, Asoi, Cium Dong and this one.

    ada satu permainan (there is a game)
    permainan unik sekali (a very unique game)
    orang naik kuda (a man riding a horse)
    tapi kuda bohong (but a fake horse
    namanya kuda lumping (its name kuda lumping)

    anehnya permainan ini (there’s strange in this game)
    orangnya bisa lupa diri (the man can lost his mind)
    dia makan rumput juga makan kaca (he will eat grass, and glass)
    aduhai ngeri sekali (ohh so scary)

    itu kuda lumping, kuda lumping, kuda lumping (that kuda lumping)
    kesurupan (posessed by ghost spirit)
    itu kuda lumping, kuda lumping, kuda lumping (that kuda lumping)
    loncat loncatan (jumping around)

    awas jangan dekat-dekat (whatch out, don’t get close)
    melihat permainan ini (watching this game)
    karena akibatnya bisa berbahaya (because it is dangerous)
    itulah kuda lumping (that’s it, kuda lumping)

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