Pro Era Freestyle & BBQ

As you may notice, I have a penchant for hopping on the bandwagons of up-and-coming hip hop artists, so count today’s post among that series. After hearing the merits of Joey Bada$$ and the Progressive Era crew praised, I checked out their installment of the Pitchfork TV series Selector and was delighted by the skill and diversity of the young crew. Feel free to skip ahead to the 2:15 mark where the freestyles start flowing, and flow they do. While Joey Bada$$ is ostensibly the star of the Pro Era crew, and indeed his freestyles are lively and entertaining, I found myself prefering the more varied flows of Chuck Strangers and Dirty Sanchez, as well as the double-time rhymes of CJ Fly. With the already apparent success of the Odd Future and the A$AP collectives, it would seem that the second era of the rap crew has landed.

P4K’s Selector presents: Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era Freestyle & BBQ


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